Detailed Overview of Data Solutions Offered


CASS / DPV / Address Standardization

This is the process of putting all address information into a standard format that meets the USPS definitions for address formatting. While standardizing the address elements we can also indentify those records that have a possibility of not being deliverable for one reason or another. This is the DPV processing. Through this process we can identify those records that are missing suite numbers or some other address element that may keep a mail piece from being delivered.

Many times the process of standardizing addresses is only thought of when getting ready to execute a mailing. We look at this service in a slightly different light. Before we perform any type of matching, whether it is a merge purge or an overlay, we will put all addresses through the CASS process. This allows us to match more efficiently and achieve better match results. Just one way we strive to provide a higher level of service.

NCOA (National Change of Address)

The NCOA process is meant to be used to update databases with new address information when a family, individual or company moves from one address to another. Offering this service allows us to help our clients keep their databases as current as possible and also keeps them compliant with USPS regulations when they perform mailings.

We utilize the 48 month database for all NCOA processing. This allows us to identify as many moves as possible.

Merge / Purge and Suppressions

Merge/Purge processing is typically thought of as simply eliminating duplicate records within a file. However, the entire process and the multiple variations that can be performed can make it one of the more complex tasks to be performed.

A merge/purge can be performed at three different levels in both the consumer arena and the commercial arena. The processes are similar but the results are different. We have the expertise and knowledge to know how to do them all and at the same time help our clients determine which is best for their circumstance. The results can be used for many different things.

Geospatial Processing and Mapping

Having the ability to append latitude and longitude to records at the street, intersection and zip level gives us additional processing capabilities. The ability to calculate the distance between 2 points is considered a basic process for us. Utilizing different proprietary algorithms, we can define trade/marketing areas and then assign the correct records to each area. If a client wants to identify the 2 closest store locations to every prospect, we have the tools to accomplish this as well.

Another added benefit of having these tools at our disposal is the ability to create maps. For instance, we can generate maps of various sizes that can be used to visually see where prospects are located in relation to store locations. To visually be able to see the penetration an organization has into a specific area can be extremely helpful with developing marketing plans.

General File Processing and Hygiene

While not as involved as other services we provide, we do provide the standard assortment of file processing services. Some of these services include: More