Automotive Owner Data

InnoDATAve Solutions is an agent for the sale of Automotive Ownership Data and Mailing Lists from what we consider to be, and is, the primary, privately owned automotive database in the USA.

The data in this database, which is one of the "cleanest" data sources in existence, is comprised of nearly 182 million records with between 500,000 to 2 million new or updated records each month.

Some of our competitive advantages over other databases include:

A CSV (Comma Separated Value) format is used for reports when they are delivered to clients. This format can easily be imported into the client's own database or into spreadsheet programs (e.g. Excel) for analysis by the client.

Basic Selects are highly customizable and may be specified by:

Vehicle Type (these are pre-programmed reports):
  • Exotics, Light Trucks, Domestics, Imports, SUV's, Vans
  • Fuel Type:
  • Gas, Diesel, Hybrid, Propane, Flex Fuel, and CNG
  • Year, Make, Model, Odometer:
  • Example: 1999-2004 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer with 30,000 - 60,000 miles
  • Zip Code, Zip Code Radius, CF (first 3 digits of zip code), County, State, and City
  • Advanced Selects are also available and may be specified by:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • and many others available upon request

  • The Shelby Act applies to information obtained from the state, such as DMV, etc. Our data is not DMV data or state provided data. This data is compiled from many sources, and run through a series of verification processes to capture the most accurate information available. This data is in full compliance with the DPPA and Shelby Act.