Detailed Overview of Data Solutions Offered


Database Development / Management

Using our experience and knowledge, we can help our clients build a marketing database from the ground up. This may be as simple as taking the information from their existing POS system and turning it into a database of mailable addresses. While at the same time the process could be as involved as enhancing the data with demographics and psychographics that allow them to perform any number of tasks.

Managing a clients' database can entail adding and removing records to performing selects for campaigns and the list can go on. However our hardware and software allows us to handle any task with precision and speed.

Database Overlays / Enhancements

We have approximately 250 million consumer records and 18 million business records at our disposal on our servers. These records contain up to 400 different fields that range in scope from the basic (such as gender) to the very sophisticated that can determine what type of advertising message an individual will respond to most often.

Through the use of our merge/purge technology we are able to match records from our databases to client files and append any of these 400 different variables. Whether the client file is a few hundred records or 100 million records we have the processing capabilities to get the processing completed in a timely manner.

Customer Profile Reporting

When a client wants to get a general picture of what their customer base looks like we will generally suggest running their data through our proprietary profile report process. Through the use of our various capabilities we will append demographic variables to the customer list, identify the number of prospects available in their marketing area and turn all of this information into meaningful reports that will give the client a visual representation of what their customers look like. The use of tables and graphs make the number easy to understand and allow for informed decisions.

Segmentation / Modeling

As postage costs have continued to increase many clients are looking for way to target their best customers or prospects. The most recognized and decisive method used to accomplish this is segmentation, also known as modeling. This method involves the task of finding commonalities between those records make up a clients best customers or responders.

One may think that our goal is to reduce the number of pieces a client puts into the mail. This is not the case. We find that if an individual does not reply to one style or method of marketing they may be better suited for another method. While we may reduce the quantity for one method, we have also identified a whole new group of individuals that can be used for testing new marketing methods.

The approach we take is the utilization of multiple regression or multivariate regression analysis. Which one we use will be determined by the predictions to be made. The multiple regression is used when we are using many variables to predict a single outcome, responders for instance. If we are working to identify the correlation between 2 or more dependant variables we will use multivariate regression methods.

This process is very involved and requires us to use many of our services to get to the end result: to predict who is the best customer/prospect to market to using a given method. Through the use of CASS, data standardization, data enhancement and a few others we will build a file that is then used for this process. We typically go into the process with 300 to 400 demographic variables. The process will then look at all the different combinations of values for the variables and assign scores based on how predictive the combination is of determining the desired result.

Obviously the process as a whole is much more involved than this, however one can get a general feel for what is being done.

One item to note is that predicting responders is only one facet this process can be used for. We can also develop models that predict buyers, up-sell possibilities, cancels and others.